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Joy, key to achieve success

why there is successful people and unsuccessful people in the world? we feel jealous when we see successful person and feel ashamed when we not success. But actually what is the difference between successful and unsuccessful person in work? of course it  is a joy in the work we do. With joy in work we do, we will give our best effort to do the job and do the best work we can. But if it is no joy in the work we will just do the job. The result of the work will be different just by there is joy or not in the work. It’s like people who love fishing, they will know when it’s tide, where to find the fish, cause they have joy in their work. But people always afraid to do what they love in the job cause they afraid the job is not pay enough and it’s not right cause you will enjoy your job and you will rocket your income. So, Let’s chase joy in your work.

Happy chasing job of your dream.

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