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Love, key to feel peace

Love is hard to explain but not love is easy to explain. Because not loving is will always come up with hatred or not care. And to express hatred is easy you can scold people, kick people, ignore people or even worse you can kill people. But our topic is love, and love is many kind depend on our relation with other. Love to our child, love to our spouse, love to our family, love to our country, love to our friend, but greatest love is love to humanity. Love is hard to give cause it can be wrong interpreted or wrong understand. Like when we want to help clean our spouse table but our spouse is angry cause our spouse hard to find the important notes or we want to help our child to happy by giving them present but they don’t like it cause it not toy they like. But by giving love to everyone you will be feel peace in mind cause you don’t keep hatred in your heart and you can eat, or do something without worry. And we must choose carefully to giving love cause it can be wrong understood or interpreted but not afraid to giving love.

Lets spread your love to everyone

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