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Frog Wisdom

Frog is some of the special animal because can live in 2 world, land and water. This animal have many color actually in wild live but in picture just in green color. This animal eat bugs and that why programmer must love them. To move to another place they just jump forward although they actually can jump vertical too. They also famous in fairy tale as a beautiful princess but there is joke about them also as a talking frog.

Okay, lets the story begin there is competition for frog to reach the top of tower that very high to become king of the frog. And many frog that participated in that competition. And every floor is up then fewer frog that reach the floor because they feel tired and the audience shout you can’t do it. And the participant going up and up. Until last floor and there is left two frogs that compete to the top but they all is very exhausted and think it’s end. And now the audience shout more loudly and tell that impossible to do it or they die. Then one frog think maybe i must trust them because live is better then die because trying to be king. And then that frog is stopped to move and rest. But the other frog even look very tired try and always try to reach the top inch by inch. And then finally it’s reach the top. And audience proud of the frog and ask why you not lose hope and stopped. It can’t hear them of course because it’s deaf.

So, wisdom of story is “Try your best and don’t let your spirit down just because people tell that impossible for you” because when you lost your spirit then you lose.

source: i change a bit story i hear from various source

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