REIN: The Rejuvenator

There will be new movie from L Johnverrell in the spring 2010. This movie is about new religion that famous in era of Socrates in the Peloponnesian war. In that era there are a philosopher called George Alexander Curante, one of the cult in Athens. In this cult George had 2 right hand Robert and Regina. And someday one of his disciple rebel against him and open new cult. Then George and his disciple fought in front of the divided congregation and George was killed. Then Robert and Regina buried him in the Eridanus river.

And then in the night Robert and Regina found out that George is revive again by Karma and Called as Rein. Rein is a rejuvenator of soul that believe that soul can be sleep or move on. And Robert and Regina become the keeper of soul. And the get new name from Karma called Sam and Sara. And then the traitor is die and come time for congregation. And Rein ask him Do you wish to sleep or live again? and the traitor answer I will always be a believer and my soul will never rest. And the traitor soul is revive for thousands of years.

In 2008, Rein came to Karma to ask for his soul to rest. They both agreed to chose a new rejuvenator of souls. They considered hundreds of souls before deciding to return to 1975 for Vietnam veteran Frank Alston. Is the Frank is successful to become the successor of Rein? Just watch the movie to find out.

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