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This is actually came from my personal experience when talk with some of my women friend but i think is funny. In Friday afternoon, me and some friend talked about fitness center near our office which is had 2 different tariff which is women member tariff is more cheaper than man member tariff.  And i say that it’s exclusivity to attract more men not just women. Then one of my woman friend is not agreed that is not exclusivity but just to attract women to come fitness. Then i explain they give the exclusivity(lower price) to women and then many women came. Which is indirectly attract more men to come. So actually the fitness center is use the offer to attract more men. She still not agreed, then i explain more that even club have girl night out which is give free pass to women. And i said this promotion not just to attract women but to attract more men to come. She still arguing then i asked do you still fitness there if the price is same. She said that of course not cause she like the offer but she still not agreed that called exclusivity.

Nah, that the funny thought of women, they love to get free pass to club or lower price to become member but don’t want to called that some kind of promotion. Or it’s like when women wear sexy clothes to attract more men to look at them but get annoying if every men look at them,  or they use high heel just to be looked more beautiful even it’s hurting them.  So actually women love to have the attention but they being annoyed when they have the attention.  And it’s funny, do you agree that women thought is funny?

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the thing is, as a girl i just can’t comprehend the idea that “a gender can attract the opposite gender into joining membership in a fitness center.” because even if there are a lot of men with great bodies in a fitness center or in a swimming club, that doesn’t attract me at all 😛 but maybe men’s thought is different.

oh, and it’s funny too how when women wear a fancy dress and high heels, men often think that it’s to attract them. i think it’s like thinking that men buy a cool car or a sophisticated gadget to attract women. in fact we just wear and buy what we like, and we just want to feel good about ourselves.

Hmm as a man i say yes man mind is different with women based on research men look women every day almost 1 hour and women just half of it to look men. That’s way i say woman thought is funny cause we different in thing on what we look and feel.
Yes maybe women dress up for their self but sometimes they dressed up to over and hurting themselves, and that the reason why i say they just not dressed for themselves but for men although there is women dressed up for themselves. Like when i spotted women just with pajamas in timezone playing game, this is example of women dress up just for themselves cause she don’t care about other opinion.

this is slightly out of topic, but i think one of the misconceptions here is the thought that when women try to look good, it’s always for men. it’s not that if women dress up in unflattering clothes like pajamas, it’s for herself and if she dress up in fancy clothes, it’s for men. some women love shoes in high heels because the model is cute and elegant. it’s just the same as when people want to drive a classic car even though they have to endure driving without power-steering.

but i won’t deny that sometimes there are some women trying to look good to attract men, just as men trying to look good to attract women. if we see a man with six-packed belly walking around without shirt, is it to attract women? or is it simply because he feels more comfortable like that? people can only guess. however, it’s a shame that the stigma of “attention seeker” is always be attached to women, not men.

yes you right it not fair to say women trying to look good just to attract men, cause men is trying look good too to attract women. But because paternalistic is common in world so people just attached the stigma to women. Cause in paternalistic, men had the active position and the women had the passive position. So, that why this stigma attached to women cause in the position men job is to seek and women job is to be seek, but that is not the important message i want to delivered. I just want to deliver message that i don’t understand why women think like that? cause i think is funny, and i don’t want to underestimate women. It’s purely just want to know why women think like that and look like i don’t deliver the right message.

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