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When i went to Gramedia last week, I read Chicken Soup For the Single’s Soul. And like usual story in Chicken Soup is very touching, and time is passed like a light. Then i found a story about 6 things to do a day, this story is very good. I don’t even know it is against copyright to be told in my blog, but because the tips is very good i will told it again based on my memory.

The tips is actually is simple but useful and some of the tips actually i do it in my life but not in a day but in a week. The tips is:

1.  do something for yourself

This tips is about giving time to do something you like in your day, and it could be just eating food or listening song or even something simple just blinking eye if you like. Although it’s okay if you want to something complex if you have time. The important thing about this tips is you love or like to do this.

2.  do something for other

This tips it’s about to help people in need in your day. it’s important to help people in need, not just help people. Because when see other person happy then our feeling became happy too. To help people didn’t need to be spend much money or much time, it can be just carried other luggage, or just take our neighbor to office if it one way to our office, or just say hello to people. The important thing about this tips is to help people you can help.

3. exercise your body

This tips is obvious just do sport in your day. It could be just cycling to your office or aerobic in the morning, or just take stair not elevator in office. Although it’s okay if you spare your time to join sport club, and do exercise routine in a week. The important thing about this tips is make your body move.

4. exercise your mind

This tips is about using your brain to do exercise, and maybe it’s not usual thing you do in your life. It could be do Sudoku Puzzle, Chess, Cross Word or even try to remember your activity in a day. Although it’s okay if you play strategic game or puzzle game, cause it will stimulate your brain. The important thing about this tips is make your mind think.

5. do something you don’t like but you need

This is the hardest tips cause this tips various for people depend or their Laziness, and how lazy they are, and it can be because their fearness, and how fear they are. It can be just say hello to people if you need to be more socialize (fear), or it can be to make your room tidy if your room is to dirty and crowded (Lazy), or it can just to wash your hair if you don’t have time (Lazy) or it can be doing dance if you interested but you too busy (fear). The important thing about this tips is you need this but you fear or lazy then you not doing that.

6. Be Grateful for today

This tips easier than other tips but people will likely to forget it. It can be just be grateful before you sleep, or you can be grateful all day. Although you can express your grateful by pray before you sleep or even you can pray before you do something. The important thing about this tips is you must feel thankful to god for your life today no matter what situation you handle cause you realize there something behind what happen to you today.

Okay then happy weekend.

source : Chicken Soup for the Single’ Soul

6 replies on “Guide to Happy Live”

and yet I still get a lot of help from you, Jar! You, Communist! :p

For me, point 3 and 5 can be the same thing! Luckily, we have swimming club, huhuhu…

@fajar actually you without your consciousness do for other, but it’s actually for single who don’t happy with their life

@Ira lucky you because you just need do 5 than 6 🙂

@yenny hmm first welcome to my blog, and if you not single & you happy with your life then you don’t need that but if you still feel something missing than you still need to do.

Anyone who have no desire is the happiest person in the world… It’s just so simple like that

actually you correct, but it’s just for religious person. But this tips for ordinary single person who think their life not happy. Thanks for your suggestion.

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