Water Spinach

In old times, we can sell without marketing, we can be the first, we can easily lead the market. Now if we open new type of business then will follow by other quickly, we must marketing our business smart to lead the market, or we can just copycat other business and make it to be better business. So the question is Why become more harder to do business? It is because population of people growth every second but the land is fixed, and people have tendency going to crowded place, and avoiding go to quiet place. So, population density is more higher in crowded place, more lower in quiet place, and make distribution of population density is odd. Because more people mean more competitive, and less people mean less customer so that make business more harder. That make World is competitive and become more competitive by time flows second by second. So, people is become more harder to find money, and even it will become more hard just to have enough money to live.

But there is people that will be more creative when problem came and have a solution in this competitive world. And they shared this formula with other because they think shared something is never be loss. One of the people that have a smart solution to overcome problem just by planting organic Water Spinach. First, they separate their 20 are field into 20 part, because water spinach have planting time around 18-20days, and just need enough water to grow. In first day they just planting on first part, then on second days they planting on second part, continue until on 20 days they planting on the last part. So, when they planting on the last part they can sell the first part on market. Because organic vegetable have high value on the market, they can get 1 million rupiah just by sell from first part of Water Spinach. And with that money they can start to plant on first part, and use the rest that for live cost and live free from money problem.

That not just all the story, they even shared the solution with scavengers in win win term, they just need to come to the field just for 2 hour/day to watering the Water Spinach and will get the money collected by 50-50. So, the scavengers will have more money and the smart people no need to worry forgot to watering the plant. Which is by doing this, they can save the money, pay their live cost and the scavengers feel the advance just by watering 2 hour/day. So, eventually they will follow this step on their hometown to get more money. And by doing this the smart people kill two bird with one stone, which is population density is will become more even, and economy problem will disappear.

So why worry about competitive world, just think smart and overcome of problem. You too can overcome your money problem by doing this, or even is more better if you have another smart solution and shared it with us. Because shared is never be loss. Happy trying and sharing.

source: Subali Meetup V3, 21 May 2011