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There Monkeys Wisdom

Three Monkeys Picture
Three Monkeys Picture

I think everyone had known this wisdom, and when i search Google then i found there are two interpretation about this thing :
1. See No Evil, Hear No Evil, And Speak No Evil.
2. To enjoy live you need to be blind, deaf and dumb.

But when i hear the three monkeys wisdom is actually is not like the description above. Although I’m not clearly remember the story but i will tell it with adding the forgotten part with mine. The story is about a man name Poo who want to know secret to be happy in live, and then he ask a master of happiness. The Master just say you must past three condition from me if you want to know, and then Poo accept that offer. Then The Master told Poo to find out which is ripe apple using his eyes. And then Poo is hard to find it because them is lookalike, and The Master says you hard to find it because you overused it. Then Poo think and found out that just in one apple there are many fly not like other apples so he told the Master. The Master says you pass first test then he ask what make you choose that apple? Then Poo Says before you say i overused my eyes, i just focusing in the apple and trying to find the different but after you say then i’am trying to look around the apple and i saw fly flying around the apple but just in one apple is have many fly. The Master Say “You just learn one wisdom of happiness, you can stop now if you want” then Poo reject and want to continue with the test.

To be Continue…. to part 2

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