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Glasses Wisdom

Glasses can be just plain glasses, sun glasses or reading glasses. Glasses usually uses to aid for see better, it can be minus, plus , cylinder, or combine of that. But glasses can be used for cover your eyes from sun or for mode.

It started one month ago when i look into my brother laptop, and i can’t read the font in the screen. So, i think something wrong and it is my glasses because it is full of scratch. And then after that i’m always bothered by my glasses so i decided to have a new glasses. Two week ago, i have new glasses and make my point of view change. And then my head is popped up a wisdom about glasses so i called it glasses wisdom. Even though not everyone use glasses but in this case glasses is just metaphor of our point of view.

This wisdom is come because my old glasses is full of scratch so everything is look blurry and since i aware of that every time is pain in the head. Then i need to have a new glasses and after have a new glasses everything is better. Before with my old glasses all is look good but after know that is blurry then it is irritated me, the important thing is after something come in to my mind then it changed everything. So, the wisdom is “Not everything you think is right so look everything from 2 or more point of view“. So if you think it’s right, lets look in different point of view then if it still right, maybe it is right. And if other think it’s right, lets look in their point of view if it still right then maybe it is right. But if you think it’s right but just one side, maybe it is wrong. And if other think it’s right, lets look in their point of view if it wrong then maybe it is wrong. So just not justify something is right or wrong just from our side, and think twice before do something right or wrong because maybe it is different then first you think.

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