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Wall Wisdom

Do you think can hide your emotion perfectly? do you think it’s okay to act differently and people will understand you somehow? do you think it’s okay to avoid pain and not become hurt?  if you answer this yes, then your mind is absolutely wrong cause we not life alone in the world, wake up !!!.

Of course all the act before is like you build wall around you and when you feel not safe, and when you still feel not safe then you build more wall around you and it’s become more,  more thick. And one by one people can’t reach you because you cover up by wall and last just few people around you. And you think they can reach you but it’s also still absolutely wrong.

Because they also can’t reach you but they just accept you and your wall as one packet. Nobody but you that can make people can reach you, so you must be brave, fight your fear and come up to surface not just hide beneath your wall. Because it’s better to have real emotion than just pretend have emotion but it’s just in your mind. Of course it’s not easy and comfort but you must make a crack, not just do it slowly to decrease the thickness. Because you will just going in one place, you will likely go to your safe place if it’s danger then the wall become thick, thin, thick, thin and not going anywhere.

And if you still think you are right then you will not change forget the rest of the reading. To accept change first we must know that what is we know right not always right and it can be wrong. And later after we know it was wrong then we can slowly change it to become right. Of course first trying will make it’s feel awkward but if you want make it habit.  Then you need to know how act become habit, and it will be done automatically. The key is it must be repetitive and constantly do for some time to make everything become habit. And based on latest research it at least need 22 days to become automatically and average it’s need 30 days. It’s okay if you forgot for one time but not twice in a row.

So, now it’s up to you live in your wall or break the wall and live it your live. If you still afraid at least give it try and if you fail to break your wall for first time, then try try try until you have made a crack. After you made crack you will be spirited to continue and soon or later the wall become break. So happy trying keep your spirit high.

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