National Blog Posting Month

This is posting just to make announce that i will try to join National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo). Actually this for encourage me to make post for every day and be like my first purpose when create the blog to give a wisdom every day for everyone include myself. Cause i know everyone have their bad day and it’s different for everyone and i hope by reading my post for the day they feel happy. But as i had work to do it’s look like blogging come to last importance thing to do so i hope by join this event i been refresh with my first purpose.

Also in this posting i announce special tag for the event NaBloPoMo. This event actually come up from National Novel Writing Month which is create novel in a month in November but it become bigger and become National Blog Posting Month. And for all day later i will posting Alphabet of Wisdom.

Thanks for reading the announcement.

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