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Red Face And Black Heart

In life we can’t avoid friction or conflict with other person, but we can manage the outcome of our reaction. Example: when we scold by other people than we can pretend we don’t hear it, or we can scold back, or we can punch back or we can keep it in our heart and someday we will give it back with interest.

But usually we don’t control the outcome and feel sorry after that. If we feel disturb by other person then we become angry and our face change gradually to red. And then if we can fight back the person we will fight back. Or if we can’t fight back then it will become grudge and we will get revenge to them and our heart gradually become black.

But as we know when we keep grudge in our heart then it will haunt us so we can’t enjoy thing that we do. When we want to sleep, our enemy face come to our mind and make us wake up all the night plan for the revenge. When we want to go hang out, our enemy face come up and then we can’t enjoy our trip because try to avoid. When we wake up in the morning, our enemy face shown in our mind and make our day become bad just because think of revenge.

It is like when we loving someone but effected in opposite way. While we think our revenge plan, our enemy is enjoyed their life and we make our life become worse. so why hated someone and risk our life become worse.

There few reaction you can do to someone doing their unkind work to you:
1. Instead of Hated them you can love them.
2. Jut Forget It
3. Think of your health
4. Think your bad karma come
5. Meditation

If you try 5 thing in above and still mad then just control it to not over reacted and hope you don’t going to hell. So, It’s better to have red face than black heart, but it’s the best if you have love instead of hate. Happy Trying.

source: dhamma sermon

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