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Rules is something to lead us for doing something. Rules is used everywhere to control member of organization like UUD 45 in my country, Indonesia or just the rules man can’t come to woman boarding house after 10 pm. The rules can be written or just convention. And because rules is control our behavior then sometimes it’s feel to strict and hard to do. Then came jokes about Rules, which is “Rules is made to be broken“.

Rules for some people is like cage in their mind in worries, but for some people is like free their mind from worries. Then rules is actually depend on our mind, if we look from positive way then is like free our mind but if we look in negative way then came first definition. But if we think more deeply actually rules is release our mind and body from worry.

Why? it’s so simple when we not doing something against rule then our mind always at ease. So, when we see police we not afraid and hide, it’s not like when we just pass light lamp and saw police right after that or when we see our boss we not afraid and hide, it’s not like when we just skip our work and play then see our boss right after that. So rules it actually just set our mind free from worry cause without doing something wrong we will be not worry anytime we see anybody.

Then if we look more widely it can be like our life. For some people life without entertaining it’s okay,  or for some people life very economical it’s okay, or for some people life saving and economical for buy something we want it’s okay, or for some people life to work it’s okay even for some people life for other person wish it’s okay. why? cause it’s right thing to do for them. So, it’s like Rules wisdom which is “Do the Right thing then No More Worries Anytime and Anywhere“.

Today is time when Justice Defeat Evil so the right time to start the right thing, Happy Galungan for people who celebrate.

source : Gede Prama

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There is no such a thing like “Right” or “Wrong” in this world. “Right” is obey the rule. “Wrong” is disobey the rule. As long as you keep your mind in peace, then anything won’t make you worry. It’s just so simple like that… Agreed?

I get your point, even though right or wrong just word to describe condition but actually there is right or wrong even when there is no word for it. If we look in universe then we know sun rise from east and down at west or earth is rotating sun. We can’t change that no matter what we do cause it been written in rules that sun must rise from east and down at west. That condition i called right cause in the heart we know that right. And it will be wrong if sun rise from west no matter what we do to keep our mind in peace but we know it’s wrong in the heart, except you tried to deny yourself to keep your mind in peace. So, it no longer peace in mind but just simple abandoning self. I hope you understand, Thanks.

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