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What is it Turn Signal Lamp ? It’s a yellow lamp in corner side of vehicle that flash every second. Turn Signal Lamp used to give signal when we want to turn right or left, or when we want to pass a vehicle we turn in on at direction of center at the road, or when we don’t want to allow vehicle to go before us, or just give signal when we want to change line of road. Turn Signal Lamp isĀ  so useful in vehicle but people tend to forget the benefit of Turn Signal Lamp and sometimes it make accident happen.

When i’m driving my car to pass 2 turn then this wisdom of Turn Signal Lamp just poop out in mind. The wisdom is very simple even i don’t know it can be called wisdom or just thought. It says “Just do one thing at a time” then why it’s important? because people tend to do something but their mind in other thing, so you need to focus in your work to give best result.

Okay then don’t forget “Just do one thing at a time” hope you happy weekend.

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Thank you I need to remember this because all week this week I have been trying to do too many things at once. I have been away for quite awhile but now I am back. I am glad you are still here because I enjoy reading your blog!

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