Sunset Policy Advantages

Indonesian Government announced new tax policy and called Sunset Policy. This policy based on government say is to help people to report their income honestly. But in other side people worry to report their income honestly because based on history when we report honestly then it will cost us more than just our tax. Why? because they will ask source to get the thing, they give unreasonable finalty, and many other reason.

But let’s us forget the past and try to believing the government because they know our problem and give a solution, it’s called Sunset Policy. This policy have a set of rule but i just explain the advantage, and if you want to know the details then you can download here. What is Sunset Policy? Sunset Policy is gift that government give to people who correcting their NPWP by theirself. The gift is not to pay the finalty (2%for each month) and just pay their unpayed tax.

If you still don’t make your mind then i will tell the advantage of Sunset Policy, and you can read it and if you decide not to take then it’s up to you. The advantage of Sunset Policy are:
– We not pay finalty for correcting our NPWP for year before 2007
– Our report will not questioning and considered as true if we have a proof.
– If we still being investigated by Direktorat Pajak and still not go to court. Then we correct our NPWP by our selves, and the process is stop and our report is considered true.

Of course i’m not tax officer and i just explain it in general to give you more knowledge. And if you want to know more details then you can download the file, or you can go to Tax Officer for more info. FYI, this Sunset Policy is end at 31th December 2008 28 February 2009.

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