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Dedy Hartono, man with the red face

On Sunday, my hp was ringing and my friend from Surabaya tell me to find him hotel in kuta. Then yesterday the journey began, and because I’m to shy to go by myself. So, i persuade one of my colleague to accompany me in my journey. And The Journey begin in end of my office hour, first we go to bali prani hotel based on my colleague suggestion. And the receptionist say for 28 September until 5 October is fully booked, but we insist to looked around the hotel. First we go to standard room and it coincidentally is room used by my colleague before, and than we looked room after room. And in the apartment room class my head is ringing, this good room and if next time i want to looked for group of friends stay in Bali,Ā  i will suggest them this place.

Because the hotel is full, than we go to one hotel to another one hotel. But it’s still same result, all hotel we trying to persuaded say their hotel actually is fully booked even over booked. So, we going to Ramada Bali hotel to ask about fitness fee and looked the equipment. And we go to receptionist and asked about fitness fee, they tell us to go to health room and just give direction unfriendly.Ā  Then we going to find the health room by ourselves, and after walk sometime we come to turn road. And we lost because the receptionist say go to right but actually road goes to left, so we just looked around. And hopefully we saw the little sign of health room, then we enter the room.

And we asked the keeper to show us around, first we go to fitness room and saw the equipment is not well maintained and just one for each type. I personally think it’s not good place, but we still ask to show the other facilities. And then we go to locker and sauna room, actually the locker is fine and sauna room is good but it’s still the place is not good for me. But we still ask the fitness price, and the keeper say it is Rp600.000 for 3 month.

So, we ask about the pool and then the keeper just give direction unfriendly like the receptionist before. And we go to the direction the keeper say, and we found the place is creepy because the light is dreary and the situation is so quiet. But we still lost because the pool is far away from health room, so we ask staff around there and finally we came to the pool. Luckily the pool is worth to find because the pool is good and big. And then we go out Ramada Bali hotel quickly because the night is come.

After going out from the hotel, we eat in “tenda biru” because we hungry. After eat, I’m going to home and that is end of the journey. Are you not curious who is the person that accompany me for the journey? yes, you guess right the person name is Dedy Hartono.

Dedy Hartono actually is not a person with red face every time, but just when he shy. So, we can know he shy or not by looking by his face, that a funny fact about this person. And i’m not thank him enough, so i created this post just for thanks him.

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Ciihiy.. I know there is something between you two. I saw you two while having romantic dinner in Tenda Biru.. unfortunately I didn’t have camera to catch the moment. Go..go.. Deni and Deddy, your name have already a perfect matched.

Oh yeah, we are planning to register at Ramada too, but it is likely to be after Lebaran.

wooow, right santus. i felt it to, now it clearer than before.
Congratulation for both of you.

Is worthy to spend 200rbu a month for the ramada fitness?
if its worthy, Iā€™m gladly joining it.

@santus it is not like you think, we just have casual dinner

@makiki who is you know who?

@bydt wakakaka i think it’s better if there are camera, because people will know we just have casual dinner

@inu9 you wrong, i think it’s worthy if you have instructor or at least people who know to build body and you like to swim because the pool is good.

ow…so both of you are getting deeper in love now, ehehehe..
ups..wrong…i mean, both couple (deni-dedy, bayu-santus)

santus was with bayu when deni-dedy were caught in the eye, right? šŸ˜€ wehehehe

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