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Airplane Wisdom

Dear reader, sorry for long time absent to post cause work is demanding and little overload. Actually this is not come out originally from my mind when wondering but i think it’s need to be out cause one of my facebook friend tend to lose his way on believing everything except science and i make a little modification just to add dramatic effect.

It’s like when we want to fly we can do it because we have the ability to fly or we can use something to help us fly in this case is airplane. Let’s we look at first scenario, we had skill to fly. Of course even if we had skill to fly we still need to practice to fly before we can mastering flying. It’s like bird when trying to fly first time and then can flying freely. Even bird’s that mastering flying sometime still need time to flying freely after injury.

Second scenario we need something to help us fly, using airplane. To fly with airplane we need to obey the airplane rule like no flying after big operation, checking pressure, checking wind, checking fuel, checking weather, checking machine and many thing to check. And of course we need cost to be on-board, but importantly need time to practice before we actually flying in the sky with airplane. And need more time to mastering flying.

It’s like our belief of course if we had the wisdom we don’t need something, in this case is concept to believing something like the first scenario. But almost all of the people still searching the wisdom and to search what we don’t know we need something to be our guidance to reach the goal in this case concept like the second scenario. But to know which concept is good of course you need to understand the concept (understand / come).

If you still interested then you need to look whether the people really do what the concept say (example / see). And the last if you still interested then doing the concept (practice / feel). If you feel okay to do then just do the concept and if is not okay just search other concept of course you cannot accept all concept, you just need to accept concept that when you do you feel happy with yourself. In Buddhism it called ehipassiko (come, see , & feel).

So what the connection with airplane? of course it like it’s okay to use airplane first to fly to the sky then we had the skill and we can fly to sky with our skill. So, airplane wisdom is “Use guidance first to be expert, and after becoming expert make the guidance“.

Happy Learn with Airplane.

Source: Gede Prama Seminar , other source and of course me.

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