10000 Hour To Mastering Skill

Every time we see and hear something which is great skill, then we will usually say we hope to have that skill. But down in our heart we think we don’t have talent for that skill, or maybe we think if we can’t have it even we try hard or maybe we think is too hard for us to learn it or maybe that skill just not for us cause everybody have their own unique skill. And many other maybe just to make excuse to make our heart feeling better if we don’t have that skill.

Okay you must accept in your heart maybe we don’t have talent for that skill, but from research recently i hear that we can mastering any skill if we practice with full heart and spend 10000 hour even if we not talented. Yes, it is not fair if talented people can mastering skill less than 10000 hour but as you know we don’t have talent in every skill. So now you know secret to mastering any skill and can have any skill you like if you try to practice 10000 hour.

Now, don’t feel down or loss hope if we don’t have skill that we always dream, just practice until 10000 hour. Of course what i mean by with full heart is you concentrate hard to learn that skill and trying your best to improve that skill. So if isn’t with full heart that not count as hour you spend to have the skill. So if you spend 2 hour a days to practice then less than 14 year you can have that skill or if you spend 6 hour a days to practice less than 5 year you can have that skill.

And now you know your practice will be paid after 10000 hour and you can feel energetic as time goes and don’t lose hope even if it not show any result. So let get any skill you want and enjoy your time in practice

source : hearing from radio

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I 200% agree.. Just love what you are doing now. learn it with love. Keep the curiosity and always open your mind that it is the interested one. Positive thinking is the key.

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