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Hamster Wisdom

Hamster is little cute animal. Many ladies or girl love to pet this animal. They often give this animal running wheel and the hamster love to exercise in this item. The wisdom is coming from this habit, and inspire many people but recently i aware in Dhamma sermon.
The wisdom is very simple “Just Life in the moment(present)“. It’s like Hamster habit when running in running wheel, the hamster always look what situation happen at the time. If the hamster fill the wheel too fast, then the hamster slowly decrease the speed or if the wheel too slow then the hamster slowly increase the speed or just running if the speed is correct.
Because the Hamster know if it look back then it will fall, or if it look to future then it will fall too. So, the Hamster look at the moment to avoid falling. Or in another word if we always stick too at the moment, then we will always life at fullest.

So, don’t forget “Just Life in the moment”. If the Hamster known, why we don’t believe it.

Dhamma sermon

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muup, Den, tapi gue kurang setuju ama judulnya. seharusnya ‘hamster’s running wheel wisdom’ karena wisdom hamster lainnya nggak menunjukkan kontrol diri terhadap hidup. coba, kalau nggak dikasih peralatan fitness itu, mereka cuma bisa makan-kawin tanpa henti, man! 😆

jadi timbul pertanyaan apa manusia juga perlu alat bantu untuk mengingatkan apakah speed hidup kita sudah berlebihan atau terlalu lambat?

It’s correct other hamster not have that wisdom but is just to make we easy to recall the wisdom title, thanks for your comment next time i will choose the title carefully. Thanks for your suggestion

It look like we need to have something to make us remember our life speed but it doesn’t need to be a tool. Maybe just simple review how our day pass every end of days or just simple review every week just to make us remember progress of our life and can change our life speed before it’s too late.

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