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Happy Valentine

Origin of Valentine Day

Today 14 February is celebrated as Valentine Day. Many source tell about origin of Valentine Day and the most favorite story is about Saint Valentine which is very generous person death in this day because make two person become husband and wife. His death cause by execution based on the ruler of the city that jealous of the couple. And since that day 14 February is celebrated as Happy Valentine.

Other story about origin of Valentine Day that shocking is long time before on early February when Chocolate Fabric is in the midle of crisis because they over made chocolate. Then the owner ask his consultant to solve the problem, and the consultant say we must make one day that special to celebrate love that need to be celebrated by giving chocolate as symbol of the love of couple.

The owner agree about that and decide in 14 February because after February the chocolate will be bad. And the Chocolate Fabric promoting this event in all media and called it Valentine Day. Because every couple want to show their affection then they buy chocolate to be given to their soulmate. And boom the chocolate is sold out, then other seller know about this and they recreated the Valentine day must be celebrated not just by chocolate, it can be celebrated with flower, and other thing that special for the couple. And until now this day been celebrated as Valentine Day.

Beside of many origin about Valentine Day, now we have one special day to express our love to our love ones and celebrate it together. But how about not couple person, they can celebrate it by showing love to their friend and family.

Last, Happy Valentine Day for all the reader wish you full of love.

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