Solar Powered Air Conditioner

Greencore, company based on Canada. Founded Greencore 10200. Solar powered air conditioner running on dc voltage. There are 2 type of this AC: mobile and fixed unit like shown below:

Picture of Greencore 10200
Picture of Greencore 10200

This AC can keep a room up to 600 square feet cool using a single 170 watt solar panel or switch to using power from the grid when necessary. The costs of the GreenCore10200 Solar Powered Air Conditioner start at USD$5700, depending upon the model with solar panel and extra batteries sold separately. The mobile unit comes with one solar panel as standard and the heating component is an extra USD$400. The design also provides the flexibility to incorporate other alternative forms of power generation such as wind power.

The product is now available, but the company says that due to high-demand it is currently only selling the systems for commercial applications. Both McDonald’s and the US Navy are testing Greencore’s solar cooling systems.


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in one day you have posted 3 times..
This is an example of what realy blogger is.

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@santus i hope very soon we will abandon fosil fuel

@indra thanks for your encourage, yup it’s to expensieve, i hope someday will come when fosil fuel based energy is expensieve and solar based energy is cheap.

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