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8 September (First Post)

Everyday is need to be celebrate, even it just ordinary day. if you don’t know what to celebrate, than i will find it for you. Actually Today really is a special day because 3 event happen, like:

Confucius is born today

Bunda Maria is born today

Havard is founded today

With 3 things happen in same day we can see this is very a special day. but because this just a first post i will explain rule in this post, like this:

– i will choose one event that i think is most interesting to me.

– i will explain about event that occur in the day.

– i will not explain source where it come because it will become not interesting if people know the source, so i just will note source from various source.

And This day i choose Confucius Born.


Confucius is one of the philosopher that famous in china, with i admired personally because i think without him china will not be like now. He born in Qufu in Shandong Province. His doctrine about moral, and manner in life. Until Today his doctrine is still used by people, and even now there are religion based on his doctrine.

That’s all for my first post

source : various source

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