Black Out Internet

Since 3 days ago my connection to internet is down and i can’t connect to internet. This internet black out cause by people which is cut down bts cable in 16 location in Bali which is  not professionally work and causing 88 location of bts error. And this problem make me skip 3 days to blog and missed the nablopomo event, but it’s okay there is next month to join the nablopomo. But this black out make me think that internet had been addictive thing in my life and i need to make priority.

But with so many thing i want to do in life and so little time to enjoy time for myself. Then i will start by gradually make my 101 thing to do in 1001 days list, and  i will start now. By time goes i update thing in the list while doing the other thing in list. It’s a dynamic list and i can change it if don’t feel suitable before i had do the task. But i can’t change the list after i do the task. Cause i often lazy to do routine thing and idea can come from anything but to become reality we must do the thing not just dream. And by written down the wish it will make easier to achieve and the universe will help us to make real.

And to tell other how i’m progress and what is the task i will make publish in one page, and make special tag for post the progress update which is “101/1001”. And because it’s my personal life and it can be very boring then you can just skip it, or if you feel interested to know the progress and give me courage you can read it and make comment. Thank for reading.

101 thing to do in 1001 project

start : 18 August 2009

end : 9 May 2012