Wise Thought

Wrong Wisdom

Today when watch Mario Teguh there is one audience that asked about why even if he loved his wife more than his self why he easy to fall in love with other woman?. So, Mario Teguh said that child is normally to play around to growth their self, then they become adult and take next step to be responsible and understand what right for their self and stop playing with their self. Then Mario Teguh continued said that this man is still playing with his self and need to go to next step, and Mario Teguh asked so what he think about his statement before? He still said that is okay to love every one if he still love his wife more.

So, Mario Teguh said again that “Wrong is actually faith about what we believe is right by ourselves“. And then some thing pop up in my head which is that so wise and truth, so i think it’s needed to be spread. So, when i wrong then someone can give me hint by said that because i often just looked from one side like that men and become blind by my faith, and hopefully i will aware and change my mind, Thanks.

Last, let’s we read it again and saved it in our brain “Wrong is actually faith about what we believe is right by ourselves

source : Golden ways by Mario Teguh