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Book, key to improve knowledge

Book is one of the most important source to find knowledge. And book is more easier to find than find the teacher and we always can look back to the book if we not remembered what we had before. We can find basic of knowledge from book before we going to advanced in our understanding knowledge and we always can find our knowledge everywhere and anytime if we want. But you need to choose carefully because it can be no knowledge at all in a book.

Happy searching book.

2 replies on “Book, key to improve knowledge”

aaaaahhh.. the feel you get when you touch the paper.. turning the pages, feel it in your hands! aahh.. hihihi..

Yep yep, be selective we must! Not all books are for us
*looking at the stack of the books not read because they turn out not to be my kind of reading*

Is my comment longer than your post? hm.. hmm.. hihi..

I’m agree with you feeling when read in book cannot be replaced. Cause you don’t need electricity, of course can be read with more relax pose, and can be bring everywhere.

Hmm maybe your comment is more longer than my post cause it’s sequence of ABC of wisdom and it need to be simple (just 1 paragraph) and reflected the wisdom item every day until Z and it will be in new pages when finished so people will know what ABC of wisdom. Maybe next i will more explore in other post.

Thanks for your comment

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