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If somebody cannot Change again, then the Time is over for Him

This Quote is seem so simple, but it’s has a deep meaning for me. Because this quote tell me that nothing is static even the change itself. So if you think it’s feel good when hang out with same friend, or it’s feel good with your attitude, or it’s good with your surrounding environment or it’s good to wake up late. Then you must think it’s danger because you don’t want to go out from your comfort zone. Because if you don’t want to change then the Time is over for you. It’s not mean you must abandon your friend, or you just do something crazy just because you want to change. But it’s mean you must change to positive direction like maybe you’re a person that wake up late then you trying to wake up earlier. I know it’s hard to wake up much earlier but you can just wake up earlier one second. Then you progress day by day and then it’s will be habit. And you will be surprise because you will wake up without alarm, or maybe you wake up one hour earlier.

That meaning of the quote if we look from life side, but if we looking from bussines side. It’s will mean if you don’t want to change your best product, then you will be a loser. Because your best product maybe now it had a very good selling, but if you don’t make it better then the competitor will make a same product with lower price, or with good wrap, or with little improvement, And your customer will buy from your competitor because they give more advantages than your product. So, if your product now become top of the top selling in your region or maybe in the national or even in the world, then you must prepare with better product now and don’t wait until your product have bad selling. Because it’s too late, and you will be out of competition.

But if we look from personal matter, maybe you think it’s mean that we must keep our best personality and dump our bad personality. Or we think our personality is best of the best from everyone, but actually there are not every personality can be categorized, like Introvert, or Extrovert. This Personality is tell our preference with world and nothing in the world can say it’s wrong to become introvert or Nothing in the world can say it’s good to become extrovert because it’s come from our feeling deep inside our heart. But if you don’t want to change, then the Time is over for you. Because if you’re too quiet then everyone who not know you will think you arrogant, and your friend tend to forget you because they not know your mind. Or if you too noisy than everyone who not know you will think you annoying people, and your friend tend to forget you because they think you too energic. So, sometimes is better to become quiet and sometimes is better to become noisy but it’s better you combine it.

End of the word, “You must change to be better person“.

source : Intisari oktober 2008.

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