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Swimsuit Manner

Is there any swimsuit manner? why this topic is out of the air, it is because i just curious if there are any swimsuit manner when we met person in swimsuit out of the pool. What we must do when we met our friend in swimsuit out of the pool?  we just silent or we just say hi or even we just ignore them like we not saw them. I’m personally choose option number 1 because i think if we saw our friend in swimsuit, they will feel embarrassment because their cloth show their body shape. So, i will remain silent to give them time to get rid of that feeling. But my friend says that is weird because if we saw our friend, we must say hi without concern about their cloth. Because after all we are friend, right?  and if friend sees their friend, they will always show their respect by say hi to friend. And of course option number 3 will make our friendship will break because it show that we don’t even respect our friend at all, cause ignoring friend will make them think are we friend? is this not out of the line? or even worse are we know each other?. But this just wild thought that out of my mind, it is show that my mind still need exercise to become more wisdom.

To solve this problem in my mind, i think we can act like option number 1 or option number 2. And it’s show how close we are with our friend. If we see close friend, we will choose option number 2 and then say i need to change because i feel not comfortamble. Of course as a friend we will understand that. And if we just ordinary friend, we will choose option number 1 until our friend disappear from our sight or they say hi, to show them our respect. That’s all see you next time in my wild thought, 😀

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ow…deni…who is the person in swimsuit that you wish to see?
dedy? or…..
wkwkwkwkwkwkwk..whoever the person is, it’s on your wild thought…wkwkwkwkwkwkwk

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