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Happy New Year

In blink of eye then one day, one week, one month, one year is almost past by. Now almost time to celebrate new year and it make me thinks what different one year before and now? what is better? what is worsen? what is achieved? what is fail? what is hope for this year? what is goal for this year? what is plan for this year? what is your dream in this year?

Wait the second, Now is not 1st January, Oops you right is not 1st January but it is not to late to feel that as long as it’s still January February, :P. Actually it kinda late for new year, but not for Chinese New Year. And another reason is that i think of this matter is because my English teacher on my company told to me that “Fail to Plan is Plan to Fail“. It’s so wise and it slowly grow in my mind and then *boom*, and born this writing.

Okay then i will tell my plan for this year, writing a post a week because now work is very demanding, so i can’t free to post in office and also my mind is tired just for work when get’s home. I’m say Sorry for reader of this blog because i don’t post more than 1 month almost 2 month.

Now that’s the plan, and “Happy New Year and Gong Xi Fat Chay” for all of the reader, hope you with prosperus and happy year to come.

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