Keen, key to escape danger

This entry is part 11 of 14 in the series ABC of Wisdom

Everyday we heard and read in news that people beingĀ  robbed, stolen, killed, pick-pocketed, injured, had accident, and other bad thing happen. And when we look more deeply we know that actually almost all the danger can be avoided if we more keen to situation. But also there is danger that just happen and we can’t avoided, for this danger we just can pray and hope that not happen. But for danger can be avoided, then we must try harder to avoid, like this example: we pass the quiet street to make come home faster, but in the middle of the street, then from nowhere came a robber and threat our life to take our valuables, or when we being stolen it’s because we don’t put our valuables carefully and so on. So to avoid this danger we need keen mind and by having it we will less encounter danger. Because with keen mind we will know something is not right before it’s happen and we can take another action and the danger is passed. So, let keep your mind keen to help you out of danger.

Love, key to feel peace

This entry is part 12 of 14 in the series ABC of Wisdom

Love is hard to explain but not love is easy to explain. Because not loving is will always come up with hatred or not care. And to express hatred is easy you can scold people, kick people, ignore people or even worse you can kill people. But our topic is love, and love is many kind depend on our relation with other. Love to our child, love to our spouse, love to our family, love to our country, love to our friend, but greatest love is love to humanity. Love is hard to give cause it can be wrong interpreted or wrong understand. Like when we want to help clean our spouse table but our spouse is angry cause our spouse hard to find the important notes or we want to help our child to happy by giving them present but they don’t like it cause it not toy they like. But by giving love to everyone you will be feel peace in mind cause you don’t keep hatred in your heart and you can eat, or do something without worry. And we must choose carefully to giving love cause it can be wrong understood or interpreted but not afraid to giving love.

Lets spread your love to everyone

Miracle, key to keep faith

This entry is part 13 of 14 in the series ABC of Wisdom

When we in a disaster then we will try our best to keep our life if we think there is hope that miracle will happen and we will survive the disaster. But if we think there is no miracle will happen and we will die soon, so we will lose faith and actually it eventually will happen because we don’t try to keep our life. Or when we have problem that look like it never solved and it’s haunted our life, just keep your faith that problem will solved cause miracle is happen. And miracle just happen to person that believe that miracle is real, and then just wait to happen. Cause when you really hope and believe it than nature will give respond. Then is up to you to take the chance or just let it go, and if you take the chance then miracle will come to your life. Keep believing and then miracle happen.

Need, key to understand what important

This entry is part 14 of 14 in the series ABC of Wisdom

Many people in lives can eat, drink, watch tv, chat with friend, doing hobbies, have families, and etc. But, they still find is not enough then try to reach everything they want and quarrel if their life is not good. That is because they think that thing in their life is take for granted. And they just realize that is important when it lost and they need it. Now up to you, what will you prefer: lost it first and then being forced to know what important or you think first what you need and then embrace it. So, Lets find your need and stop chasing what you want. Happy Finding your needs.